Applying for Schools of Business

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Several dos and don’t for interviews. Practicing/rehearsing is the best way to ensure a smooth interview process. So, practice interviews either for real small jobs (you may not care about) so you become comfortable failing. Then when you have the real interview you care about, you feel stronger, more bulletproof, and confident. Good luck to you in your MBA interviews.

MBA Programs – Schools of Business

The United States has many MBA Schools of Business to choose from. It depends on whether you want to take online courses, or full time traditional class environment, or part time, or online only. Some websites claim you can get an MBA degree in only 6 weeks with no studying, but it’s a scam. So, can some online programs too, because a lot is lost when choosing online only. The interaction is part of the skill development needed for the MBA manager.

Choosing to stop work and pursue an MBA is not an easy decision. It’s smart to run the numbers and see if it makes financial sense for you. It may be hard to place a value on education and how that will impact salary/productivity over time, but it’s something you should do – especially, if you intend to be an MBA. An MBA by definition is a business person who is to be analytical and smart when it comes to numbers and calculating cost effectiveness to aid decision making. So, surely you should apply the skills you wish to use for your own cause.

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